Pieringer Group – your qualified service provider within the scope of waste export

As a utilization enterprise we offer our services for industry and trade colleagues on the domestic and international markets.

We are able to position ourselves within the scope of exporting and importing wastes as well as trade in raw materials in entire Europe. We currently operate in the field of trade in secondary materials in 16 European countries and in the Asia region. This allows us to cover all important goods transfers in the field of recycling (ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, plastics, wood, paper).

Professional waste utilization and international trade in recycled materials

Details concerning our more than 26 year long company history in waste management and waste export as well as sale of secondary raw materials:

  • 1996 Establishment of the single-person company Christian Pieringer (CIP) (focused on waste utilization in Austria)
  • 1998 Establishment of I.S.G. Industrieservice und Sanierungs GmbH
  • 2005 Transformation from CIP into GmbH – PAV Pieringer Abfall Verwertung GmbH
  • 2007 Commencement of activity within the scope of trade in recycled materials
  • 2009 – to date: Improvement of European solutions within the scope of utilization
  • 2009 Establishment in Slovenia (PRS)
  • 2014 Establishment of companies in the Czech Republic (PRC), Poland (PRP) and Germany (PRG) and incorporation of the company in Italy.
  • 2016 Establishment of company in Bulgaria (PRB)
  • 2020 Establishment of company in Slovakia (PSK)
  • 2022 Establishment of company in France (PRF)
  • 2023 Change of name and locaton of I.S.G. to Pieringer Recycling Austria GmbH (PRA)
               Change of locaton of PAV

We pride ourselves on the great recognition we receive in the trade of waste management (PAV) and utilization of aged contamination (PRA). In order to offer maximal legal security to our partners during waste utilization and trade in secondary materials, we have been representing their interests as a member of the national and international organisations within the scope of utilization for many years.

Whether it regards waste utilization or trade in secondary materials - we operate internationally for your competitive advantage.

Our objectives are timely delivery, outstanding quality and competitive prices as well as long-term commercial relationships based on mutual trust - doing business with handshake quality. We give much care to the environment, therefore we cooperate with partners who comply with all requirements in waste utilization and waste processing. We undergo trade certifications on a regular basis in order to prove our high standards.

You can rely on our experience in waste disposal and processing of recycled materials.

Would you like to know more about our group, recycling of plastics, waste utilization or other matters? If so, please contact our staff - we will arrange a personal appointment.